A Senior Citizen that struggles to eat and maintain shelter. A Veteran who has fought for our freedom is struggling and homeless. An individual that battles the financial, physical and emotional challenges associated with a disability.

Welcome to the Senior Support Network, a 501c3 charitable organization located in Westlake, Ohio. Through the compassionate support of our contributors, we help seniors, veterans and the disabled that lack sufficient resources in the areas of shelter, food, medicine and general support. Our supporters truly understand the value of their participation. They realize that together we can provide the dignity and quality of life that many are living without – and that absolutely no one should live their life in an impoverished manner.

Even a small gift can make a big impact. Donate now to make an impact. For more information on becoming a donor please call us at 440-835-2110 or visit our website

Our program is powerful and focuses on the following areas:

Financial Support for Medication

For an older adult’s fixed income budget, the cost of medication can be an overwhelming expense.  Recognizing this challenge as one of the most significant our seniors face, the Senior Support Network is developing a program that will provide the senior community with access to software able to match an individual’s medication requirements with their financial need.  Utilizing information and resources from pharmaceutical and alternative financial assistance programs, this program will ultimately make medications for seniors more accessible.

Available Care Education and Community Support

Navigating the maze of care available to seniors is an unbelievably daunting task.  This task becomes even more imposing when there is a need for crisis placement.  The Senior Support Network’s 30 years of experience in collaborating with senior programs, agencies, and care facilities makes it uniquely qualified to develop a program that will educate and support seniors, their families, and caregivers regarding the choices, options and levels of care available in the community.

Available Financial Support

While financial resources for seniors are varying available, however accessing them in an effective and efficient manner ban be frustrating and challenging experience.  The Senior Support Network has a wider array of information that once developed into a program, will ultimately provide seniors and their caregivers with access to financial support programs and trust monies that are currently available within the community for short or long term financial assistance.

Senior Support Network Financial Provisions

When monetary stress has exhausted all financial avenues, it has been the Senior Support Network’s privilege to be in a position to provide assistance to someone in need.  With contributions from other like-minded organizations and private funders, the Network would like to be able to extend its reach to assist the seniors that come to us requiring financial resources.