How do I know what type of long-term care my family member may need?

Start out by communitcating with your family and physician. Explore the options in your area. Talk with the professionals that manage these communites. If you are able to maintain your independence but need support with daily tasks, assisted living may be right for you.

Can my family member come and go as they please?

Yes. Of course, this is their home. Many of our resident’s families pick them up for lunch or dinner, or a weekend away. Some residents also call a cab to take them places.

Do you have staff around the clock?

Yes, someone is always home at Our House.

Do you lock the doors in the evening?

Doors are locked at 9:00pm. Someone is always at  the desk 24 hours a day.  Also, residents have their own keys.

Do you offer short-term respite and hospice care?

Our House offers short-term respite care to suit many purposes from recovery from an illness to experiencing living at Our House on a trial basis to see if its right for you. If it is determined that one of our residents is ready for hospice care they will come to Our House just as they would to a person’s home.

Is home health care available?

Yes, the residents may choose any home health care agency. However, Dignity Home Health Care is available at Our House without minimum cost or hourly rate. Residents are billed only for services agreed upon with the resident and their family.

Can I have a car?

Yes. There is an added $20 per month fee for the garage.

Are pets allowed?

Yes. There is an additional $500 security deposit for pets.

Am I allowed to have overnight guests?

Yes, they can stay in a guest room or we have a roll-away bed that can be used for the visit.

What is the charge for the guest room?

The cost is $120 per day and this entitles your guest to all of the privileges that our residents have.