Our House features the following Services and Care:

Dignity Home Health Care

To read more about our in house health care team please click here

Beautician Services

At Our House you have the luxury of an on-site Beauty Shop which offers the comprehensive services of a professional beautician

Nutritional Services

Our House provides three well-balanced, home cooked meals each day with options available to residents with special dietary needs.  We take great pride in the restaurant style dining you will experience at Our House

Respite Care/Guest Room

Do you ever feel physically and emotionally exhausted caring for your loved one?  Do you desire a break every now and then, and at the same time want your loved one to have a chance to enjoy a new environment while meeting new people?  All this can become a reality through Respite Care at Our House.  Simply defined, our services are short term, temporary care for Seniors.  You can count on us for safe, secure and quality Respite Care.

Hospice Services

At Our House we support and encourage residents and families to remain with us on a permanent basis.  When end of life situations arise, our professional staff will engage the resident, family and physician in discussions regarding the most appropriate setting and services to be provided.  We work with a number of certified Hospice organizations who assist with the provision of clinical management and psychological support for all involved.  Together, we ensure that the resident and family receive the services they need within the comfort and privacy of their suite.