Our House offers all the comforts of home coupled with a supportive and nurturing environment. State tested Nurse’s Assistants and Resident Assistants get to know each resident on a personal basis. This approach allows our amazing team to anticipate and identify changing needs and the overall resident well being. All personal care needs are delivered on an individual basis with resident’s comfort and privacy assured. Services can easily be adjusted to meet any needs that require change within the continued comfort and safety of their own suite.

“As an attorney practicing elder law and guardian to many, I find myself introduced to new elders who can no longer be as independent as they once were. Here in northern Ohio we have an eclectic mix of assisted living opportunities. More arrive ever day. Those who are rich look to the brass and glass. The places with three dining rooms, two chefs and a full time concierge. Others want companionship and care. They want somewhere that presents itself as a home rather than an institution. Somewhere that has been family owned and operated for generations. When presented with a ward that needs a bit more care and a lot more companionship, Our House is my first choice. My wards have all agreed.” — Stephen W. Wolf, The Law Office of Stephen W. Wolf, LLC”

We are able to keep our rental cost low because we don’t have the overhead of a licensed facility – we are privately, family owned and operated since 1978. We encourage independence. There is no “standard” as to who we can and cannot except as residents. This is more of a home atmosphere than assisted living or a nursing home. Our month to month lease is all inclusive – there is no extra charge for meal plan or phone plan. Our kitchen is scratch cooking. Rooms are furnished by family and can be decorated however they like.

All rooms and bathrooms are private. Our House is not a locked facility – residents can come and go as they please. Residents are allowed to have pets. Residents can have their vehicles if they still drive. When they want to be with people they can be with people, when they want to privacy they can go to their rooms. Transportation to and from doctor’s appointment and scheduling of appointments is free. All rooms are cleaned once weekly and bedding laundered once weekly. Our campus sits on nine park like acres in a residential area. Close to dining and shopping. We provide activities such as out to lunch, shopping trips, casino trips and picnics in the park.